Reunion cup coming up

Heres some great news for all aq2ers :)

The Reunion Cup is underway!

If your clan hasn't signed up for the league and you want to participate, have your manager or leader sign up on this page with the Registration link.

Match format:
- Matches are 4v4 with a maximum of TWO (2) subs
- Matches will be played on the server of the home team. If this server is not setup correctly or malfunctioning (packet loss/jittery ping), the visitor's team server will be selected. If the visitor's server is malfunctioning, a neutral, working server will be selected by the league admin refereeing the match.
- TWO (2) maps will be played, the first is decided by the home team. The second is decided by the visitor's team.
- Maximum 3 homemaps to be selected ahead of time
- Teams will play twice a week, the first match to be played any time between Monday and Thursday of the week, and the second match anytime between Thursday and Sunday
- Matches will be refereed by a league admin (see the Crew link for League Admin listing)
- Captains from both sides will submit screenshots of the final scores for each map, and autorecorded demos of the match will also be accepted

- Points awarded for the result of the matches is as follows:
(A 'round' is considered a single map played in 20 minutes. A 'match' is the result of both maps)
Winning team is awarded 2 points per round
Losing team is awarded 0 points per round
If the round ends in a tie, both teams are awarded 1 point
- The top 40% of teams in the standings at the end of the regular season moves on to single-elimination playoffs.

General rules:
- Each match is a 20 minute round, standard match rules for an AQ2 server.
- Cheating of any sort found by either demos, screenshots or the referee while in match will automatically penalize the team in that contains the cheater in a manner that the league administration deems appropriate. This can be a single ban of that member, a disqualification of all points for that week, a forfeiture of games or even the disqualification of the entire team for the rest of the season. ZERO TOLERANCE ON CHEATING. This includes but is not limited to:
Speedhacks, wallhacks, aimbots, ratbot/zbots/frkq2, unfair scripts such as the M4 anti-recoil script, the crouching script, or any sort of cheat, exploit or third-party program that interferes and/or gives advantage over another in a way that is not within the spirit of fairness in the game is strictly prohibited. For clarification of what is allowed and not allowed, contact the League Admin staff.

- Poor behavior will not be tolerated. Abuse given to administration or other players can result in penalizing of points for the entire offending team. Persistent abuse is dealt with more harshly and is up to the discretion of the League Admins. 'Trash talk' or intimidation is encouraged, but the line is drawn at insults in bad taste, abusive language and poor sportsmanship

Published on: 12/11/2012

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